My signature rustic oversized boards are all made from fallen Eastern European trees. Treated with mineral oil that is food safe -- I use my boards for EVERYTHING! Hence the name Food En-Bord!


 Ideal for showcasing cheese and charcuterie, to bagels and lox, salads and grilled vegetables and fruits and desserts. 

Each one is unique with markings and carvings, making it a special accent for your kitchen and on your buffet table. Whichever shape or size,  all the boards and bowls are absolute showstoppers and will make a huge statement. Gently clean with a soapy sponge and treat with mineral oil from time to time.

Please email me for pricing and shipping inquiries.

Round and Rectangle Charcuterie and Cheese Boards
Round and Rectangle MOD Boards
Round and Rectangle Trivets
Farmtable Planks
Serving Trays
French Cutting Board
Rustic Dough Bowl
Grain Measure Bowls
Lazy Susans
Oversized Footed Serving Boards
Cake Stands